London Favorites: Hyde Park


In my last London Favorites post I talked about Regent’s Park being my absolute favorite spot in London. The great thing about London is all of the beautiful Royal Parks. They are free to visit and you can spend hours walking through them without seeing everything. It always surprises me that London has so many beautiful green parks because it’s such a big city!



Hyde Park is about a 20 minute walk away from Regent’s Park.  For me to walk to Hyde Park I would walk down Baker Street or Gloucester Street then turn right onto Oxford Street. From there I would walk straight until I could see Marble Arch. Hyde Park is located right behind Marble Arch and is easily accessible from the Marble Arch tube station.




My friend Alejandra and I used to go exploring every Friday when our other friends were in class. Hyde Park was so close to us so we spent many Fridays there. We would walk around for a long time trying to see everything in the park.

Speaker’s Corner



Hyde Park includes Speaker’s Corner where my friend Hannah and I spent a lazy afternoon eating a Mr. Whippy ice cream cone and listening to people rant about random topics. It also includes Princess Diana’s memorial, the Serpentine Gallery, Kensington Palace, and so much more.


Kensington Palace 



I visited Hyde Park so many times and I’m sure I still wasn’t able to see every part of it. I would love to go back, rent a paddle boat, and spend a lazy day on the river with my friends. There’s just something so relaxing about being surrounded with such a beautiful environment.



Hyde Park is on my list for must visit places in London! If you are ever in London I would recommend visiting Hyde Park and any other Royal Park that you can! It’s a fun (and free!) thing to do in London.

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