Day Trip Addition: Brighton, U.K.


Hello, again!

I am back with another day trip blog post! As I have said before, living in London is wonderful, crazy, and always eventful. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the crazy for a little while and stretch your legs. I had the opportunity to visit Brighton twice during my semester in London and fell in love with the small ocean town.


Brighton is a short one hour train ride from London Victoria station. I think it only cost me $19 round trip for the tickets that we bought online a week before leaving. I went the second time with a group of my friends. Anna Sophie planned everything out and organized our group.

We started the day bright and early at the train station. I love how easy it is to find your way around London Victoria. I took the tube from Baker Street which only took me a few minutes. There are also a lot of buses that run directly to the station so it’s super easy to get there! Trains also depart from St. Pancras station if that’s closer for you.


We laughed and talked the whole way there. Once arriving at Brighton train station it’s a quick walk to any destination that you want to go. We started our trip by walking along the winding roads to the pier, stopping at shops as we went.


I love Brighton Pier because there’s so much to do and it reminds me of an old fashioned American carnival with all of the rides and arcade games. We stopped for donuts and Nutella and whipped cream crepes. Sitting on a bench, we watched the ocean and posed for pictures.


We ventured farther along the pier, watching people play games and ride the many rides. Then we headed back down the pier and towards the sea. The unique thing about Brighton is that the beach is completely made up of stones, not sand. It’s not very comfortable to sit but it is unique to Brighton and feels special when you’re there.


We grabbed lunch by the sea which consisted of the worst fish & chips that I had in England. Even though lunch wasn’t very good, we still made the best of our afternoon. After eating we went and sat on the beach, throwing rocks in the sea, talking, laughing, and just enjoying our time together.



At one point, Shere and I decided to climb down the little hill to the sea and touch it. It was really wavy that day and we thought that we’d be able to make it out and back up the hill before getting touched by the water. We ran down, touched it, attempted to run away, and then a wave came and soaked our shoes. I couldn’t stop laughing.




After lunch we headed back up to town and walked around the city. We did a little more shopping in the lanes and then headed to the Royal Pavilion. On my first trip to Brighton I took the tour through the Pavilion which was really pretty and grand. This trip, we walked around the grounds and took tons of pictures together.


Our time in Brighton was coming to an end and it was beginning to rain. So we headed back up to the train station and waited for our train home. We had such a wonderful day falling in love with Brighton and I hope to visit again someday!

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