Day Trip Addition: Hampstead, U.K.


I loved living in London but sometimes it was nice to get away from the city and explore a different area. I wouldn’t say that Hampstead is in the “country” or anything but it’s not in central London. My friends and I decided to explore Hampstead on a Sunday afternoon for a few hours.

Hampstead, UK

We took the tube from Baker Street to Hampstead which didn’t take very long. Then we spent the afternoon exploring the area.



We started off by visiting Hampstead Heath which is a beautiful park. The day we went there was a run going on so the park was busy and super muddy from all of the runners. We climbed the big hill in the middle of the park because my friend, Anna Sophie, had read that at the top of the hill you could see the London skyline.



Sure enough, once we reached the top, covered in mud, we were greeted with the most beautiful view of the London skyline and surrounding area. We posed for a mini photo shoot and relaxed while we watched runners speed past us. I hadn’t heard of Hampstead before Anna Sophie suggested it but I’m so glad that we went because the views were amazing!



It was a cold and slightly rainy day so after our trek up the hill we wanted to stop for tea at a café. It seems like no matter where we were we could always find a cozy place to drink tea and talk. We found a cute little café where we ordered tea and carrot cakes. We spent awhile sitting and talking about anything and everything.


After tea, we walked around Hampstead a bit more. The weather wasn’t great but we still enjoyed our afternoon together! Hampstead is so cute and was really fun to explore. I really liked seeing all of the shops, churches, and colorful buildings!

photo (35)

Overall, I think that Hampstead is a really pretty place and would make a great addition to any London trip. It’s not far from the city but it’s a much different change of pace compared to central London.

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