7 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

7 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

Hello again!

Studying abroad was something that I knew I wanted to do from the time that I graduated high school. I had already traveled to Europe once and had found out the importance of traveling and discovering new cultures and experiences. I had fallen in love with London and could see myself living there. So, for me the decision was easier but I know that for other people it’s not as easy. That’s why I created this list of reasons why I believe studying abroad in college is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

1. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity:

When will you have the opportunity again to live and study in another country? It’s not very likely that you ever will. That’s why you should go. Seriously, just do it. Stop thinking about all the things that could go wrong and just follow your dreams.


2. Make Lifelong Friends

The friends I met while studying abroad have become my closest and most reliable friends. Even now that we are in different countries I still talk to them almost every day. It’s amazing how much I have in common with girls from all over the world.


3. Gain your independence

You may think you are independent now but you will feel even more independent when you live in another country.  I learned to rely on myself and gained valuable skills that have changed my life for the better.


 4. Add to your resume

Studying abroad looks good on any resume. Companies look for employees that have a global mindset and can appreciate other cultures. Plus, if you are applying for a job with international job prospects your experience studying abroad will make you a more qualified candidate because it shows that you are willing to adapt to a new way of life.


5. Learn to appreciate what you have

I appreciate my family and friends so much more now that I have lived so far away from them. It’s hard not being able to run home for help when you need it but you will just appreciate the small things even more when you come home.


6. Gain a global mindset

It’s important to be able to look at something from an international perspective and understand how different things impact other cultures. This will help you in school, work, and your everyday life.


7. Practice and learn a new language

I studied abroad in London so I thought that I wouldn’t need to know a language other than English. However, most of the friends I met speak Spanish which gave me the amazing opportunity to learn a little Spanish and practice with native speakers. Keep an open mind and remember that you can learn a lot from the people that you meet abroad.

Thanks for reading! I Hope that this post gave you some inspiration for studying abroad or just for traveling in general.

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2 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

  1. I´m surprised as well of how strong friendships you can build in such a short semester. I think we all agree our semester abroad was to short. 😉 It´s also amazing how similar people can be even though they grew up on totally different continents.


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