Study Abroad Packing List!


One of the hardest parts about traveling is packing. I can never seem to figure out exactly what I will need for different types of climates, weather, and activities. So the end result is that I pack everything that I own and just hope that it works.

When I decided to study abroad I did a lot of research into what I needed to bring with me. It was hard packing for a long period of time because I needed clothes for multiple seasons. Below is the list of what I ended up packing. I only packed what I thought I would need and it ended up being just enough stuff. I did get tired of wearing the same things all the time so I bought a few shirts, scarves, and accessories to mix up my outfits a little.

Here’s what I packed:

The bags:

  • 1 full sized suitcase
  • 1 carry on suitcase
  • 1 backpack
  • 1 medium sized cross body purse
  • 1 small cross body purse
  • 1 travel wallet


  • 2 Converters
  • Laptop, mouse, charger
  • iPhone, charger, charging case
  • iPad, charger, sleeve
  • camera, memory cards, chargers, case

School Stuff:

  • Notebook
  • Planner
  • Pens, pencils, case
  • Stationary
  • Flash drive
  • Pocket London Book and maps
  • Travel Journal


  • 1 Hunter Tour Packable Wellies
  • 1 Riding Boots
  • 1 black booties
  • 1 Nikes
  • 1 flip flops (for showers!!!!)
  • 1 Black Sandals
  • 1 Converse
  • 2 flats (gray and black)


  • 2 Jackets (Winter/rain, leather)
  • 3 skinny jeans/jeggings (black, dark, medium)
  • 1 skirt (black)
  • 4 layering tank tops (black, mint, green, stripes)
  • 4 camis (black, white, nude, royal blue)
  • 1 sweater (gray)
  • 4 cardigans (cream, black, gray, purple)
  • 3 t-shirts (gray, black, cream)
  • 2 long sleeve shirts
  • 2 sleep shirts/t-shirts
  • 1 pajama pants
  • 1 VS yoga pants (for sleeping/lounging)
  • 1 fleece lined leggings
  • 4 nice blouses
  • Tights, leggings
  • 3 dresses (black, black/white, navy)
  • Scarves, gloves, headband
  • 2 Belts (brown, cream)
  • 1 swim suit
  • Cheap Jewelry
  • 2 shorts (denim, flowers)
  • Socks, underwear, bras (bring enough for two weeks)

Dorm and Toiletries:

  • Travel towels (1 bath, 1 hand, 2 wash)
  • Travel pillow
  • Pictures of family and friends
  • 6 months of prescriptions
  • OTC Meds (allergy, tums, ibuprofen, vitamins, melatonin, etc.)
  • Travel sized shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, lotion, perfume
  • Toothbrush, floss
  • Face wash, wipes, moisturizer, spot treatment
  • Basic makeup (concealer, foundation, mascara)
  • Deodorant
  • Hair ties/bands

Carry On:

  • Copies of passport, visa, credit/debit cards, acceptance letter, travel information, insurance, emergency phone numbers
  • Small amount of currency to get started
  • Umbrella
  • Travel wallet (passport, boarding pass, picture id)
  • Maps
  • iPhone
  • Extra clothes and underwear if suitcase gets lost
  • Chargers
  • Headphones
  • Snacks
  • Empty water bottle
  • Book and travel journal

This is everything that I packed for my semester abroad. I ended up traveling to other countries during the weekends so I may do a weekend travel packing list as well! Bring a carry on suitcase was very helpful for small weekend trips but you could also use a backpack.

I hope that this list helps you with your packing! Good luck and thanks for reading!


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